Easy and Healthy Halloween Party Treat Ideas

Halloween is coming up quicker than we can even imagine which means candy, candy, and more candy! Looking for ways to enjoy your favorite Halloween party snacks while keeping the sugar rush at bay? We have some of your favorite Halloween inspired treats, without any tricks.

Halloween Party

Apple Peanut Butter Teeth

Now this is a classic Halloween party treat. White mini marshmallows are held by peanut butter between two slices of apples to appear like a mouth, perfect for Halloween! To make this treat vegan, we recommend replacing the marshmallows with cut-up pieces of our Fruit Bars. This will create a spookier, and more nutritious treat, for everyone to enjoy!

Halloween Themed Cake Pops

Cake pops have become a party essential! They are small, cute, and easy to decorate depending on what the occasion may be. One simple way to cut back on added sugars, as well as prep time, is by replacing the cake with pieces of our Fruit Bars. Check out this recipe for more!

Spider Cookies

Instead of a using a mini peanut butter cup, opt for our Dark Chocolate Truffles! Our Dark Chocolate Truffles are free from the top 8 Allergens, including dairy, peanuts, and tree nuts! This will make your cookies more allergen friendly! Before placing your cookies in the oven, make a thumbprint in the center of the cookie. After baking and cooling, place the truffles in the center to complete your treat!

By substituting candy and other sugary ingredients in these treats for That’s it. Fruit Bars, you’ll help add more nutrient-dense foods to your child’s Halloween - a dream for many parents! Our Fruit Bars are also free from the top 8 Allergens so they’re perfect to bring along for the upcoming Halloween classroom party or one you’re having at home with friends. You can also opt for passing out our Fruit Bar Minis to participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project. Ditch the tricks this year and treat yourself to snacks made from real, whole fruit - That’s it.!

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