Why That's it. Bars Are Safe Snacks for Back to School

Back-to-school season is a hectic time. That's it. is here to provide quick & safe snacks for back-to-school

Parents everywhere are busy buying their children new clothes, school supplies, books, and signing them up for extracurriculars. With all of the back to school commotion going on, That’s it. believes the last thing moms and dads should have to worry about is how to fuel their children with healthy, nutrient-packed foods. Yet unfortunately given the sugar-laden world we live in, this has become a top priority and area of concern for moms.

Whatever your child’s particular snacking needs may be, That’s it. can play an instrumental role in delivering pure, natural nutrition that kids will love. Here are ways you can incorporate healthy and allergy safe snacks for back-to-school in your kids' lives.


 With rushed school mornings, That’s it. Fruit Bars are the perfect on-the-go breakfast option. Even better, That’s it. Probiotic Bars will provide your kids with a hefty dose of probiotics to kick-start their day.

Classroom Snacks: 

Just because your child doesn’t have a food allergy, doesn’t mean everyone else in the classroom is allergen-free. With the rising prevalence of food allergies, many classrooms are mandating that all snacks be allergen-free. Whether it’s for a class party or just an individual morning snack, That’s it. Fruit Bars are safe for everyone!


Finding healthy snacks to put in your child’s lunchbox can be hard. Once you manage to find snacks you can feel good about, it’s not uncommon for kids to trade their snacks with other children. Packing a Mini That’s it. Fruit Bar will ensure your child won’t want to trade your healthy snack pick.

After school snacks: 

Between picking the kids up for school and getting them to and from their after-school activities, mothers often worry about providing afternoon snacks that are both healthy and portable. Bringing That’s it. Bars to the carpool line is the perfect mess-free, easy-to-eat snack to keep you kids healthy and occupied during the after school rush.


At the end of a long school day, it’s understandable for kids to want a treat. Rather than giving them desserts full of added sugars, offer them a few That’s it. Truffles. The fruit and dark chocolate treats will allow them to indulge their sweet tooth and be healthy all at the same time!

That’s it. products are incredibly versatile, and can cover all of your Back-to-School needs! 

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