Nutritional Benefits of Blueberries

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Everyone knows that blueberries are jam-packed with nutritious, yummy goodness. However, what many people aren’t aware of are exactly why these tiny little berries are such nutritional powerhouses. In reality, there’s little that blueberries can’t do. From helping to keep away cancer and heart disease to combating urinary tract infections, blueberries are a must-have part of any healthy diet.

Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Heart disease is an all-too-common problem for Americans and is currently the leading cause of death for both women and men. Blueberries contain a high amount of anthocyanin that has been shown to reduce plaque buildup in arteries, thereby reducing your odds of developing heart disease.

Keep Away Cancer

Along with helping prevent heart disease, the anthocyanin in blueberries has also been shown to be a preventative measure in keeping cancer away as well. Evidence shows that they likely have the power to both combat free radicals that can cause cancer as well as potentially block the tumors themselves from forming.

Support Healthy Brain Function

According to studies performed by the USDA, blueberries may be able to combat age-related problems such as memory loss. Experiments conducted on both rats as well as humans have shown that older individuals who consumed an increased amount of blueberry juice performed significantly better on memory tests, indicating increased cognitive ability.

Treat Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections, or UTIs, which are caused by the buildup of bacteria, are a common problem, especially for women. Many infections present with no symptoms, making them difficult to identify and treat. Therefore, why not take a simple step such as eating more blueberries to prevent and treat these problems before they escalate? Blueberries have been shown to combat UTIs by preventing the bacteria from sticking to the bladder.

Along with having positive long-term effects on your health, blueberries are also packed with Vitamin C, the active form of folic acid and fiber that help keep you healthy. You can find blueberries galore in That’s It. Apple + Blueberries bars, which contain high levels of antioxidants to give you what you need to boost your immune system. There’s no denying that there is more than meets the eye with this seemingly humble berry!

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