Tips and Tricks for Cooking with Raw Foods

The raw diet is quite trendy with health conscious groups as foods preserve their nutrients and natural enzymes, typically lost through heating above 104 degrees Fahrenheit. But, that being said, eating raw doesn’t mean munching veggies like a bunny, though some do for more simplicity. The diet is an established trend by now that many raw foodists and chefs live by tools such as food dehydrators, food processors, and spiralizers. These are the secret weapons for many long-term raw foodists to stick to their regimens, especially in the beginning years.

Food dehydrators do as their name suggests — they drain the moisture out of natural foods, leaving fruits and vegetables crispy yet tasty. For instance, slicing thin apples and putting them on a dehydrator will result in naturally raw apple chips. Kale chips are popular alternatives too, especially if a little salt is sprinkled on top before they go into the dehydrator.

And while noodles and pasta are cooked, the raw versions can still be enjoyed using not wheat products but zucchinis, for instance. Here, spiralizers can come in handy as they literally make strands of curly noodle-like strands. Talk about green living!

But perhaps one of the most used tools for raw foodists is a food processor. Many rely on it to make desserts. Yes — raw cookies, cakes, and ice cream can be made! Seasonal dates like medjool dates are a staple ingredient for many raw desserts; in food processors, they can be blended with raw nut meals or other fruits and shaped into cookies, which can then be transferred to a dehydrator for a final, crispier mouthfeel.

It’s true that not everyone has these gadgets in the kitchen. A bit of creativity and faith in your eating regime may be all the driving force needed to make an ultimate health transformation. And of course, healthy, raw commercial products like our whole fruit Fruit Bars can help people go a longer way.

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