The Truth About Refined Sugar And Your Health

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Here are some helpful tips on how to transition away from refined sugar.

There is no doubt that refined sugars are unhealthy for our bodies – they hold no nutritional value, upset our body’s balance, and are highly-addictive. The problem lies not in the flora but the process of extraction, evaporation, and boiling; the “refining” deforms the sugar molecule, resulting in empty carbohydrates.

On the other hand, when you consume naturally-occurring sugars found in fruits and vegetables, they are bundled together with vitamins and minerals from the mother plant and make a healthy addition to your diet. Moreover, sweets in their rawest forms can even help balance your blood sugar level and increase metabolism.

For those who have a sweet tooth, try increasing your daily intake of fresh, non-GMO produce to satisfy your cravings – you’ll notice a drastic improvement in your wellness and energy level. Want to transition away from refined sugar? Here are some tips:

Read Ingredient Labels

Make the effort to read ingredient labels when you buy packaged foods; watch for refined cane sugars and its "suffix"-ose derivatives. Reduce high-sugar comfort foods subtly so your mind doesn’t rebel and lead you to a sugar binge. You can start by selecting low-sugar snacks and gradually transitioning to snacks with no sugar added.

Satisfy Cravings With Healthy Alternatives

When you’re craving sugar, try eating a handful of of sweet, ripened medjool dates or an eye-pleasing bowl of colorful fruits; you’ll feel a noticeable decrease in your sugar appetite almost instantly – an encouraging reminder that your refined sugar craving is but a small mind hurdle.

Once you overcome the sugar addiction phase, you’ll find satisfaction in nature’s abundant source of “candies” like dates, apricots, grapes, mangos, and other fresh and seasonal fruits.

Make Sugar-Free Exciting

You don’t have to tell yourself you’re never going to snack again. Tasty and nutritious do co-exist, and our company is proof that snacks with no added sugar are worth the excitement.

Take our raw vegan fruit bars for example – there are only 2 fruits in there, apple and another fruit – no refined sugar, no processing, and it tastes absolutely amazing. It contains the fibers and antioxidants for your health and the natural sweetness for your tastebuds.

Establishing a nourishing lifestyle will make you feel happier, stronger, lighter, and better all the time. Yes, it will be hard to say no to donuts and yes to a fruit at first, just give yourself time to re-adapt and establish healthy eating habits; be gentle on yourself and allow room for error – what’s most important is that you keep moving forward in the pro-health direction!

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