5 Reasons You Are Always Tired

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Maintaining energy throughout the day is about much more than getting a good night’s sleep. There are countless issues that may be taking place that could be zapping your energy when you need it the most. Anyone with chronic fatigue should take a look at these five common problems and what can be done to fix them today.

1. Dehydration

Those that do not drink enough water and other fluids could be keeping their body in a perpetual state of shock. When dehydration sets in, a number of hormones throughout the body will no longer be produced adequately, and this includes many of the hormones and natural chemicals that give us energy. Those that feel a daily slump should preemptively have a glass of water before reaching for caffeine.

2. Stress

Feelings of stress activate the adrenal glands in order to produce a chemical known as cortisol. The body naturally produces cortisol throughout the day in order to create a “rhythm” of energy, but ongoing stress can wreak havoc on this process. Those that don’t find natural ways to deal with their stress may find themselves not only losing energy from a lack of adrenaline when it is needed the most, but also not entering into restful sleep at night.

3. Circulation and Heart Issues

Any time that the heart is not pumping blood efficiently or veins are constricted it will result in lethargy. This is due to the fact that the blood helps transport oxygen throughout the body, and those with issues, such as low iron or a weakened heart, should speak with their doctor about their options for improving their energy.

4. Poor Nutrition

Outside of a lack of restful sleep each night, nutritional deficiencies are some of the most common reasons for chronic fatigue. Those that do not have a well-balanced diet or issues with maintaining certain vitamins such as B12 should consider quick and easy ways to boost their nutrition intake throughout the day. A That’s It. fruit bar with two whole servings of fruit is the perfect way to incorporate something healthy into your daily routine.

5. A Lack of Exercise

Anyone that skips exercise when they are out of energy is actually putting themselves at a disadvantage. As little as 20 minutes of physical activity a few times a week has been proven time and time again to improve endurance, increase energy throughout the day, and improve one’s sleep.

No one should ever feel as if low energy is a simple fact of life or caffeine-laden drinks are the only option for a pick-me-up. Some simple lifestyle changes may be all that is needed to improve energy throughout the day.

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