Why Eat Pineapple Before Surgery and after?

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Did you know eating pineapple before surgery and after can help your recovery? Find out more about this fascinating and helpful tip below: 

Why Eating Pineapple Before Surgery and After Surgery is Beneficial

When you are preparing for surgery, taking proper steps prior to the procedure can help speed post-operative healing. Whether you are planning to undergo a minor elective enhancement or a major operation, understanding your body’s response to surgery and how to aid the healing process is part of the overall treatment plan. One surprising healing aid that doctors often recommend is the consumption of pineapple in the days leading up to and following surgery.

While specific foods and herbal remedies have been used to aid healing throughout history, modern science is now confirming the effectiveness of some of these traditional medicines. Pineapple is one such case. Pineapple contains bromelain, which is a powerful enzyme that has many surprising and helpful properties. Bromelain speeds healing by reducing inflammation. It minimizes the occurrence of bruising, which is particularly beneficial for recovery from cosmetic surgery. Bromelain also serves as a digestive aid by easing nausea, and it even fights congestion from bronchitis.

Pineapple consumed specifically to support healing from surgery should be raw and unprocessed, as canning or pasteurizing will damage the important enzymes. Raw pineapple also contains vitamin C, plus other vitamins, minerals and significant dietary fiber. Pineapple is such a healthy food that it can actually boost your immune system.That’s it. Apple + Pineapple Fruit Bar is a great way to make sure you are getting the nutrition you need for healing (and it’s raw too!)

Before you begin eating pineapple in preparation for surgery, check with your doctor. Consuming this beneficial fruit is considered safe in almost all circumstances, but you will want to be certain that your doctor agrees that it is right for you. Your doctor can also suggest the amount that you should eat to ensure the best outcome.

Undergoing any type of surgical procedure can be stressful to the body. When something as readily available and delicious as juicy pineapple can aid healing, there is no reason not to enjoy this amazing super food.

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