Fitting Travel Workouts Into Your Next Trip

Meet Serena! Keep reading below for her tips on Fitting Fitness into Your Next Trip

Guest Blogger: That's it. + Athleta Ambassador Serena Scanzillo

Working out when you’re traveling can be a challenge. The idea of getting up early can be almost unimaginable. You want to stay in bed, relax and maximize your sleep time. I totally understand! But when it comes to staying fit, be savvy. Prioritize your workouts so you are able to have a productive day, stick with the healthy habits you’ve created back at home and focus on eating healthy throughout the day.

A lot of companies and hotels are now getting into the travel workout industry, offering clients options to make it a lot easier to break that sweat when you’re on the go. Everything from in-room gyms, to free yoga, being healthy while traveling is easier than ever. Here are a couple of ideas to get your heart pumping the next time you’re traveling:

Stay at a hotel that offers fitness amenities. Hotels are taking things up a notch with fitness incentives like offering on demand workout apparel and in-suite fitness programs.Through Westin’s RunWestin program, you can rent a workout outfit and have it delivered to you, for as little as $5. Also at the Westin, in most upgraded rooms they have treadmills + stationary bikes next to the beds so now you can get your cardio in as soon as you wake up. Another brand that’s getting into the fitness action is Hilton, who just launched their Five Feet to Fitness, a program that is literally a mini gym plus guided workouts right in your room. How can you say no to that workout? Do your homework and stay at a place that encourages healthy living. You may leave feeling inspired to try something new back at home!

Sign up for a run/walk tour of the city you’re in: Food is ALWAYS around when you’re traveling. Most hotels and resorts have 24-hour food options, room service and happy hour deals. Get away from it and sign up for a walking tour or running group in the area you’re visiting. Westin also offers running groups that meet in the lobby each morning. Ask your concierge about how to sign up! Also, check the web for local running options. Companies like City Running Tours offer morning running tours of varying lengths and paces around most major cities. Explore a bit AND get your workout in.

SerenaFit Virtual Training Studio: My online workout studio makes clients lives a whole lot easier, especially for those who travel spontaneously for work. Me and my team of certified personal trainers & coaches lead up to 12 classes a week, taught live + in real time for you to cue up anywhere! Wherever you have wi-fi and a safe open space to move around in, you can take any of our classes. Boxers Club, CardioAbs Express, Power Yoga, Tabata + Strength Training are offered every week. My favorite thing about the online classes? The accountability. You want to show up for yourself, the other people in the class and of course, your coach. It makes working out accessible, no matter where life takes you! Start your seven day free trial today.

Next time you’re booking travel, think about how you can come back even healthier than when you left! Muster that will power to sign up for a walking tour, engage with the cool perks around you at these hotels, or attend my online workouts to see how they can become part of your daily routine no matter what schedule challenges you may experience. 

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