That's it's Guide to The Amazing Benefits of Probiotics

Have you ever asked, "what actually are probiotics?" Well, we've got answers and insight into the many health benefits of probiotics! 

Benefits of Probiotics  and Prebiotics

You may have noticed the term “probiotic” popping up on your grocery store shelves lately. From condiments to drinks to snacks, many foods now highlight probiotics as key ingredients, with labels boasting their many health benefits. Probiotics can be incredibly helpful, especially for people with digestive ailments. So what are probiotics and how do they work? Here is a quick guide to get you up to speed.

What Are Probiotics and How Do They Work?

As with most things in life, balance is key. Your gut is full of microorganisms or “bacteria,” some good and some bad. In certain cases, due to various health complications or changes in diet, the bad bacteria can take over, leaving you with digestive problems and discomfort. Here is where probiotics come to the rescue. Probiotics are the friendly bacteria that normally reside in your digestive tract. When taken as a supplement, they restore the balance between good and bad bacteria so that your digestive system can run smoothly and you can feel on top of your game. [1]

Don’t Forget Prebiotics!

With all the focus on probiotics and their benefits, prebiotics often get overlooked. Prebiotics are certain types of fiber that feed the microorganisms in your gut. They are crucial to the effectiveness of probiotics and insure that your friendly gut bacteria are stimulated and receive the fuel they need to function properly. Certain vegetables and fruit, such as bananas are known to be particularly good prebiotic agents. [2]

Which Probiotic Is Right for You?

The answer truly depends on your particular health needs. There are several different strains of probiotics and each is known for delivering different benefits [3]. For instance, studies found that the strain Bacillus Coagulans, in addition to immune system support and relief from bloating and discomfort, can aid in the digestion of protein and carbohydrates. [4] [5] This strain has also been found to not only reduce muscle damage caused by exercise but also promote muscle recovery, when taken along with protein. [6]

Other Potential Benefits of Probiotics Include: [7] [8]

  • Diarrhea relief
  • Relief from digestive disorders like IBS and Crohn’s disease
  • Women’s health
  • Improvement of skin conditions like allergies and eczema
  • Weight loss
  • Mental health

Potential Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics have also been known to help cure hangovers!  Read more about it on our other post here

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