Quick & Simple Ideas for Healthy Travel Snacks

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The holidays can be rough. With family and friends gathering near and far, you'll need some good and healthy travel snacks to keep you going while on those planes, trains, and automobiles! Here are a few tasty ideas. 

During the holidays, people often find themselves on the road more than they are at home. This busy time of year puts you at risk for stress and a low immunity. To make sure that you stay healthy during the holiday season, be sure that you always have healthy food choices available. No matter the means of transportation, you want to make sure you are snack prepared! The following are truly yummy ideas for healthy travel snacks:

Nuts are a great snack to take along with you and they are one of the most nutritional items for one to eat. Packed with protein and Omega 3 fatty acids, they can give you the burst of energy you need when you are busy. What makes them even better is that they are so easy to bring along with you wherever you go.

Dried fruit is another great snack that is perfect for traveling. That’s it. Fruit Snacks are a fantastic option for plane, car, train, boat, or any kind of travel!

Veggies may not be the ideal snack for some people, but they, too, pack a lot of punch. Cut up carrots and celery and carry them with you. You could even carry along a dip, such as peanut butter or hummus, in a small container for a fun and tastier snack session.

Cereal is the perfect snack when you have young children with you. However, you do want to make sure it is a healthy cereal, as the last thing you need when traveling are children on a sugar high. Instead, mix in a few raisins and dried fruit with the cereal and your children will be just as happy with it.

Sandwiches are also easy to take along with you when you know you are in for a long trip. Pack up a lunch box with a few sandwiches, cut up for easier eating, and you won’t have to spend your time listening to your stomach growl. Just be sure that you pack them in a carrier that will stay cool, especially if you are using mayonnaise on them.

Instead of letting the holidays run you down, make sure you carry healthy snacks when you are traveling, as they can easily help you get the energy you need during the holidays.

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