The Truth About Fiber and Weight Loss

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Why is Fiber Important for Weight Loss?

If you’re trying to lose weight, adding more fiber to your diet is an important and effective strategy. One of the most common reasons behind failed diet plans is hunger. Fiber can help you feel full without the side effects of appetite suppressants, and it can keep your digestive system functioning smoothly despite sudden dietary changes or calorie restriction. Besides adding bulk without extra calories, high-fiber foods take longer to chew and digest, so they give your brain time to receive the signal that you are full. Fiber also helps to regulate blood glucose, which can in turn affect your appetite and carbohydrate cravings.

Adding Essential High-Fiber Foods

You can add fiber to your diet in many ways. Eat fresh and dried fruits instead of drinking calorie-dense fruit juices. Snack on raw vegetables between meals, and make cooked veggies a main course. Replace pasta and potato salads with fiber-rich vegetable salads. Eat low-calorie, vegetable-based soups before meals. Include more peas and beans in your menu. Eat only whole grain products and avoid those made with refined white flour. Add small amounts of nuts and seeds to recipes to boost fiber content. Instead of sugary desserts, enjoy fresh, fiber-rich berries like strawberries and blueberries.

Introduce Fiber Slowly

Adding large amounts of fiber to your diet quickly can cause gas, bloating and discomfort. Be sure to start slowly, and give your body time to adjust to the change, especially if you’re not accustomed to eating many high-fiber foods. Drink plenty of liquids to help digestion and increase fullness. A great way to start is by adding That’s it. fruit bars to your morning meal or snack time. Studies have shown that people who eat a healthy breakfast enjoy more weight loss success.

Make Fiber Part of the Big Plan

Incorporating lots of high-fiber, water-dense foods into your meal plan can help you shed pounds, but you’ll still need to eat a healthy, reduced-calorie diet and increase your physical activity to be successful. Weight loss is never easy, but with determination and a few good tools to help you manage hunger, you’ll soon see real results.

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