How Can Eating Fruit Help Me Lose Weight?

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Fruits are one of the most flexible food sources because you don’t have to cook them before eating and they are easy to pack for snacks and meals away from home. From apples and blueberries to pineapple, strawberries and mangoes, you can mix up the flavors and create a variety of delicious combinations. But, can fruit help you lose weight?

Healthy Carbohydrate Source

Many fruits score low on the glycemic index. This means that they do not have a significant impact on your blood sugar when eaten whole, and will not give you a jolt of energy followed by a severe energy crash. Your body needs carbohydrates to fuel your daily activity, and fruit is a healthy way to get those carbs throughout the day. It’s important to limit juice and focus on whole fruit, because the fiber will keep your blood sugar stable. That’s it. fruit bars are made with whole fruit and have 3 grams of fiber each.

Low in Calories and Fat

While fruits do contain calories, the calorie counts are extremely low. Most fruits are also fat free. For example, one cup of raw blueberries contains 84 calories and 0 grams of fat. One large, raw peach only contains 68 calories and is also fat free.

Adding fruit into your diet is a great way to increase the amount of healthy food you can eat each day without significantly increasing the number of calories and fat grams you consume. That makes it much easier to control caloric intake for maximum weight loss results. That’s it. fruit bars have only 100 calories each.

An Alternative to Sweets

Do you enjoy candy, cakes, cookies and other sweet treats? Many fruits have a sweet taste, so you can use them as a substitute for those unhealthy treats. For example, you can make fresh fruit salad and add a drop of fat-free whipped topping to create a low-calorie alternative to fruit pies. If you’re following a low-carb or paleo diet, That’s it. fruit bars can be a good way to get a daily dose of sweet without worrying about overeating.

Fiber, Water and Overall Health

Fruit is a natural source of fiber, and many fruits contain a lot of water. Fiber and water will help maintain your sense of satiety between meals. When you feel fuller for longer periods of time, you are less likely to suffer from food cravings and cave to unhealthy snacks.

Fruits also contain vitamins and minerals that your body needs for overall health. When you add fruit to your diet you are more likely to feel energetic and light on your feet because you are nourishing your body for proper functioning. This is why fresh fruit is an excellent food option for dieters and non-dieters alike.

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